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Brigitte Ayerves Valderas
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Brigitte Ayerves Valderas


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Brigitte Ayerves Valderas has worked in the fields of journalism and marketing. She's worked as a writer, reporter, and video editor for local television news stations and cable news networks. As an editorial news writer, she has covered business, finance, politics, and health topics. Her business articles were featured in China Daily, Entrepreneur, The Financial Times, Forbes, Bankrate, and Investopedia. In marketing, she's worked as a project manager, content strategist, and writer. In addition, she has helped to develop and execute large-scale, high-budget digital and print campaigns that produce high-volume content, such as emails, social media, newsletters, and video content.

Most importantly, she's participated in website rehauls and Drupal 9 migrations. Brigitte is a Maryland native. She enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and biking. She also loves reading, drawing, painting, traveling, and spending time with her family.


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