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I have given presentations and provided training at the following Drupal Camps: LACamp 2017, BADCamp 2017, NEDCamp 2017, Florida Drupal Camp 2018, DrupalCorn Camp 2018, BADCamp 2018, Atlanta DrupalCamp 2018.

Drupal is hard, but stick with it
Support Blog
Stanford Camp 2017
Roping in TextWrangler
Accessibility and Drupal Meetup
Inclusivity Through Drupal
August A11y (Accessibility) Talk Review
September A11Y (Accessibility) Talk Review
Flip Flops and Drupal: Increasing Accessibility and Building Community
Never "Just" a Patch
Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Mike Anello
Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Adam Bergstein
Kevin Thull, from behind the camera
Mentoring at DrupalCon - Fostering a New Generation of Contributors
March Accessibility (A11Y) Talks
Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Eduardo Garcia
April Accessibility (A11Y) Talks
Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Amber Matz
June Accessibility (A11Y) Talks - What's New with WCAG 2.1
Drupal 8 Interviews: Spotlight on Andrew Dunkle from Go Overseas
August Accessibility (A11Y) Talks - A11Y Meetups, Camps, and Beyond
The Great Plains of Drupal Contributions
September Accessibility (A11Y) Talks - Love thy Keyboard

Other Gems and Oddities include, but are not limited to:

  • I am a mycology aficionado who geocaches in the woods.
  • Being the youngest of five sisters, I have proved that I am really good at communication or at talking myself out of deadly situations.
  • I like to play the guitar, but in actuality, I have my headphones on and while listening to someone better and imagining it's me.
Interest areas: 
Project management
Site building
Teaching and mentoring
Community contributions
Future Drupal niche: 
Site Building
Strongest in: 
Researching/finding/evaluating contributed modules on
Working in a issue queue
Contributing/reviewing patches
Writing documentation
Community contributions: 

Documentation: Over 50 edits

Drupal Contributions:
I volunteered at DrupalCon
I help organize Drupal User Groups
I help organize Drupal Meetups
I volunteer at BADCamp
I volunteer at Florida Drupal Camp
I spoke at Drupal Camp LA 2017
I spoke at BADCamp 2017
I spoke at NEDCamp 2017
I spoke at Florida Drupal Camp 2018
I organized the Women In Drupal BoF at DrupalCon Nashville
I was a mentor during DrupalCon Nashville Sprints
I spoke at DrupalCorn Camp 2018
I provided training at DrupalCorn Camp 2018
I led Contribution Day at DrupalCorn Camp 2018

Internationalization (14 commits)
Admin Status (11 commits)
XML sitemap (7 commits)
Drupal 8 multilingual demo (7 commits)
New Relic RPM Integration (5 commits)
Conditional message (5 commits)
Easy Breadcrumb (5 commits)
Advanced help (4 commits)
Useful Drush Commands (3 commits)
Inline Form Errors (3 commits)
Time Range (3 commits)
Album Photos (3 commits)
@font-your-face (3 commits)
Dynamic Banner (2 commits)
Stage File Proxy (2 commits)
Iframe (2 commits)
Drush Config Import Log (2 commits)
Scheduled Publish (2 commits)
Redirect after logout (2 commits)
Google AdWords Conversion Tracking (2 commits)
Field Group Label (2 commits)
Custom 4XX Pages (2 commits)
Sign for acknowledgement (2 commits)
Create and continue (2 commits)
Deploy - Content Staging (2 commits)
Varbase Styleguide (2 commits)
Selection sharer (2 commits)
Bulk Edit Terms (2 commits)
CSV Serialization (2 commits)
Semantic Views (2 commits)
Сontact Mail (2 commits)
Eventbrite Attendees Block (2 commits)
Git Issues (2 commits)
Slack (2 commits)
Authorization Code (2 commits)
Academic Applications (2 commits)
Content Moderation Notifications (1 commit)
Maxlength (1 commit)
Healthcheck (1 commit)
Block Type Templates (1 commit)
Real Name (1 commit)
Emergency Alerts (1 commit)
Story Chief (1 commit)
Database Info (1 commit)
Search API Solr Search (1 commit)
Drafty (1 commit)
Serve plain file (1 commit)
Dbal connection (1 commit)
Twig Typography (1 commit)
Bookable Entities Everywhere (1 commit)
Sticky Toolbar (1 commit)
Simplify Menu (1 commit)
Textfield Counter (1 commit)
Views data export (1 commit)
Features Extra (1 commit)
Taxonomy Entity (1 commit)
Fraction (1 commit)
Display Suite Chained Fields (1 commit)
bit_list (1 commit)
File Log (1 commit)
UI Patterns Pattern Lab (1 commit)
Commerce Cart Flyout (1 commit)
Geocoder (1 commit)
Audit Files (1 commit)
Video Embed Field Thumbnail Ajax (1 commit)
Persistent Log (1 commit)
CKEditor Special Characters (1 commit)
Views tree (1 commit)
Node Manager (1 commit)
Layout Builder Restrictions (1 commit)
Entityform (1 commit)
Webform Help Text (1 commit)
File Entity Browser (1 commit)
Clean maintenance (1 commit)
Password Strength Visualization (1 commit)
Colorbox (1 commit)
Business Rules (1 commit)
Token Default (1 commit)
Commerce Point of Sale (POS) (1 commit)
Advanced ban (1 commit)
Date all day (1 commit)
Static Root Page (1 commit)
Flexible Google Custom Search Engine (1 commit)
Module Missing Message Fixer (1 commit)
Toggle Editable fields (1 commit)
Drupal Commerce Connector for AvaTax (1 commit)
Two Factor Authentication for Duo Security (1 commit)
Simple Content (1 commit)
Devel (1 commit)
Taxonomy access fix (1 commit)
Views Add Button (1 commit)
Views Simple Math Field (1 commit)
CookieConsent (1 commit)
Entity Auto Term (1 commit)
Draggable dashboard (1 commit)
Support Mail (1 commit)
Handy cache tags (1 commit)
Imagefield Crop (1 commit)
Ckeditor Speak2type (1 commit)
GraphQL Redirect (1 commit)
Library manager (1 commit)
Countdown (1 commit)
React Comments (1 commit)
CKEditor Letter Spacing (1 commit)
Private Message (1 commit)
Trumba (1 commit)
Computed Field (1 commit)
Bamboo Twig (1 commit)
Single Page Application Landing Page (1 commit)
Physical Fields (1 commit)
Field Group Ajaxified Multipage (1 commit)
Search API attachments (1 commit)
Permissions by Term (1 commit)
Term reference change (1 commit)
Context profile role (1 commit)
Skip temp file warnings (1 commit)
Accessibility tool (1 commit)
Multidomain and Multilanguage Google Tag Manager (1 commit)
Colorbox Inline (1 commit)
Structure Sync (1 commit)
Config Ignore Keys (1 commit)
General Data Protection Regulation (1 commit)
OwlCarousel2 (1 commit)
Site Notifications (1 commit)
Font Awesome Iconpicker (1 commit)
Lock Field Values (1 commit)
Image Field Tokens D8 (1 commit)
EZProxy Stanza (1 commit)
Contact Permissions (1 commit)
Read more ajax (1 commit)
DocCheck Basic (1 commit)
Configuration log (1 commit)
Collapsiblock (1 commit)
Content Close (1 commit)
Views Ajax Get (1 commit)
Merge translations (1 commit)
Revision Log (1 commit)
Copyscape (1 commit)
Site verification (1 commit)
Developer portal (1 commit)
Duration Field (1 commit)
Display Suite (1 commit)
Add another (1 commit)
External link change (1 commit)
Optimizely (1 commit)
NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (1 commit)
GatherContent (1 commit)
Config Pull Request (1 commit)
Term Merge (1 commit)
Floating Social Icons (1 commit)
Fast Autocomplete (1 commit)
Super Login (1 commit)
Excel Serialization (1 commit)
Magnific Popup (1 commit)
Icon API (1 commit)
Rest menu items (1 commit)
Views (1 commit)
PDFPreview (1 commit)
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Forms Steps (1 commit)
Register display (1 commit)
Contact Tools (1 commit)
Big Menu (1 commit)
File (Field) Paths (1 commit)
Sage Pay (1 commit)
reCAPTCHA (1 commit)
Single Date Time Picker (1 commit)
ZT Megamenu (1 commit)
External Links (1 commit)
Quick Node Clone (1 commit)
Workbench (1 commit)
Message Thread (1 commit)
Insert (1 commit)
Metatag (1 commit)
User protect (1 commit)
Auto Close Comments (1 commit)
Contact ajax (1 commit)
Total: 260 commits

Professional strengths: 

Trained in management with an emphasis in human communications, including Interpersonal and Intercultural communication, conflict management and public speaking.


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